I have made a list of competitions that I know some information about, or that have web-sites. It’s always important to remember your REASON to do a competition.

Is is the money? (Then find out how much top prize is, not just the total amount of all prizes)
Is it performance opportunity? (Then go for the competitions that give concerts or participation in operas as the prizes!)
Is it for exposure to agents, opera companies, etc? (Then find out who is on the juries, what opera luminaries will be there…. it’s usually advertised with the competition.)

If you do not have management, Competitions can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to the casting powers in opera houses. They may not otherwise hear auditions from unmanaged singers, but if they hear you in a competition, they could hire you. !!! See which casting directors of what operas are on the juries of international competitions — this could be an excellent way to audition for a BUNCH of casting people all at once.

All of the above? (Then do one of the biggies!)
Only go if you think you have a chance to win. It’s too much an expediture of energy and money to prepare and go, if you just want to «try.» Many offer free of charge housing — so make sure and ask — — and INSIST if you know it’s available! They’re supposedly in this to help young singers like you, although you wouldn’t know it by some competition administrator’s attitudes. Just because I don’t have updated information about a competition doesn’t mean that it is not being held this year. Write or call them with the contact numbers given and ask when the deadline is, and request an application. I would advise sending a fax or email to each one that interests you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, asking them to send or fax you an application booklet. Some of the deadlines for them to receive the applications are right around the corner!

I have put a star next to the more prestigious competitions — that I know. Some of these left unmarked may be very prestigious: I can’t know everything.

Prize money and fees are given in American dollars or Euros — which are very roughly equal, depending on the market. This has not been updated in over 5 years, so there are many competitions that no longer exist on this list and there are NEW competitions out there — please check them out on MusicalAmerica.com, on the many websites that have now sprung up for young artists, ClassicalSinger.com etc… I don’t have time to keep this list up to date, and there are other sites which do it better! All the dates seen below are from bygone years, so check out their websites for THIS YEAR’S competition!

Some things you should know in your own research for competitions — words for «Competition» in different languages: wettbewerb, concurso, concorso, concours…. «voice»: voix, stimme, voce, voz, canto…. «singer»: Sänger, Chanteur, Cantante, Cantanti. I have not updated the links on this page in a long while, so if you come up with a dead link, please email me at and otherwise check for a new link for the competion via Google.

  •  The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundationannounces auditions. The competition will be April 23-28 in NYC. Age limit 21-35. 3 top prizes $5,000; 2nd $3,000; 3rd $2,000. 10 study grants $1,000. All winners will appear in concert at Alice Tully Hal in Oct, date TBA. Send ph/res (including Soc Sec #), copy of birth cert/passport, 2 current letters or recommendation (original) and list of 4 arias (in different languages), to LAPF, 8 E. 69th St, NY NY 10021, tel: 212-472-3556. Deadline April 10
  • Concurso Internacional Canto Tomaz Alcaide Estremoz Oct 6 — 15, 2000
    Opera Oratorio Lied
    A/C Acore Rossio MarquХs de Pombal, 52
    P-7100-513 Estremoz, Portugal
    Telephone: +351-268-323-973
    Fax: +351-268-333-061
    Application Deadline: Jul 31, 2000
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Aug 1, 1967 but not later than Jul 31, 1982
  • International Opera Competition «City of Alcamo» — Alcamo May 6 — 13, 2001
    Opera Operetta
    e-mail or fax application deadline April 30, 2001
    Associazione Amici della Musica di Alcamo
    Via Fratelli S. Anna, 58
    I-91011 Aclamo (TP), Italy
    Telephone: +39-0924-21030
    Fax: +39-0924-505744
    Application Deadline: Apr 21, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1962 but not later than May 6, 1983

  •  A R D International Music Competition (German Radio Competition)

    Age limit: born between 1971 and 1983.
    Prizes include cash and possible concert engagements. Fee DM150.
    A maximum of 140 participants will be accepted in order in which appl are recieved. inscriptions / enrolments : Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD
    Bayerischer Rundfunk Rundfunkplatz 1
    D-80300 Munich Germany
    tel. : (49/89) 59 00 24 71
    fax : (49/89) 59 00 35 73
    e-mail :
    site internet : http://www.br-online.de/kultur-szene/klassik/pages/ard/ard.html

  •  ARIA awards— ARIA’s mission is to identify, enrich, and encourage the promising careers of exceptionally talented native-born or naturalized American opera singers. The ARIA program annually grants three $15,000 awards to vocal artists of exceptional ability and undeniable promise for important careers. Unlike other programs, ARIA is not a competition. The artists do not know they are being considered; rather, they are selected from a list of candidates submitted by some of the opera world’s most illustrious professionals who make up both the Advisory Board and the Recommending Panel, the latter being a group of opera professionals who remain anonymous and are involved in every phase of the awards program. The singers do not audition.

  • Artists International’s Annual New York Debut

    Leo B Ruiz
    521 Fifth Ave Suite 1700
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: (212)292-4257
    Restrictions: soloists who have not given a New York recital
    Award: Debut in Carnegie Hall
    Deadline: February 21
    Date of Last Competition: 3/15/97
    Fees: $65

  • National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts’ (NFAA) annual Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS) Three individual $25,000 awards are available to 17- and 18-year-old exceptional musicians who apply to the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts’ (NFAA) annual Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS) program. The Music For Youth Foundation (MYF), in partnership with NFAA, offers these cash awards each year to outstanding musicians who attend NFAA’s all-expenses-paid ARTS Week in Miami, FL. Application deadline: June 1. The application will be available online at www.ARTSawards.org in March 2002 or by calling 1-800-970-ARTS. See current MYF / NFAA link: http://artsawards.org/artprograms/ny_schol.htm. For more information, contact Michele Molina; 305.377.1140, ext. 39; .

  •  A.S.Li.C.O. —
    Application Form
    Art. 1 The Competition is open to those young people from Europe, men and women, aged under 32 on 1 January 2003.
    The competition will be held in Como Sociale Theatre from the 30 january to 2nd February 2003
    . To be admitted to the Competition, it is necessary to pass a Pre-selection audition to be held in the venues stated in this announcement.
    Art. 2 Pre-selection auditions will take place before one or more members of the As.Li.Co. Artistic Commission, in the months preceding the Competition in the following cities: Athens, Barcelona, Bilbao, Bologna, Dublin, Graz, Helsinki, KЖln, London, Palermo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Warsaw. Candidates will be duly informed where, when and at what time they should be present. Should fewer than 5 candidates register for any one of the Pre-selection auditions, these candidates may be asked to attend one of the other scheduled venues.
    Art. 3 Candidates who pass the Pre-selection auditions will be admitted to the Competition which will be held in Como. The Competition will be divided into three stages as follows:
    Preliminary stage, 30, 31 January 2003
    Semi-final, 1 February 2003
    Final, 2 February 2003
    Candidates admitted to take part in the Competition must present themselves on 29 January, 2003, at 9,30 AM at the Teatro Sociale in via Bellini 3, Como. The order of call will be drawn before the start of the Preliminary stage in the presence of all the candidates, and will continue in alphabetical order, starting with the candidate whose name has been drawn.

    The Panel of Judges will inform candidates of their decisions at the end of each of the three competition stages: eliminating stage, semi-final and final. The final decision will be expressed as a score based on the average of the scores given by the individual members of the Panel of Judges, excluding the lowest and the highest scores. The Panel of Judges will draw up the classification and will declare the winners of the Competition as those candidates with an average of no less than 8/10. The Panel may announce more than one winner for each role in the Competition. The Panel shall have the faculty to announce «suitable» candidates.
    Art. 4 The attached Application Form, duly filled in and including the program (see Art. 9) should be sent to:
    Associazione Lirica e Concertistica Italiana (As.Li.Co.)
    Corso di Porta Nuova, 46 — 20121 Milano
    (fax +39.026555963)
    In the Application Form the candidate should state his/her first name, surname, address, telephone number, type of voice and the venue of choice for the Pre-selection audition. The Application Form must be completed legibly and in full, signed by the candidate and the following documents should be attached:

    a) Copy of an identification document valid for expatriation

    b) A detailed artistic-professional curriculum, containing:
    — Study courses
    — Artistic activity
    — Professional or business activities
    c) Two photographs (1 passport size and 1 free size).
    The deadline for submitting the application forms is 23 December 2003 (the post office stamp shall be proof of posting).
    Art. 5 Candidates who pass the Pre-selection audition and are admitted to the Competition in Como will be required to pay an admittance fee of 50 Euro. Payment of the admittance fee can be made:
    a) by sending money in cash or by cheque to the following address: As.Li.Co. — Corso Porta Nuova, 46 — 20121 Milano (Italy).
    b) by bank transfer to the following current account: As.Li.Co. Associazione Lirica e Concertistica Italiana c/c n. 92376257 c/o Banca di Roma — Ag. 22 Largo Treves, 2 — 20121 Milano ABI 03002 — CAB 01609
    Art. 6 As.Li.Co.:
    a) will not take into consideration any application without the supporting documents requested in ART. 4 above.
    b) As.Li.Co. reserves the right to ask for confirmation of the authenticity of the copy of the identification documents attached and to check the accuracy of the declarations made. Art. 7 The registration fee is not refundable if the candidate fails to attend the auditions or if the application is cancelled for any reason.

  • Astral Career Grants sponsored by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts are awarding modest quarterly grants in the fields of music (voice, piano and composition) and dance (ballet and choreography) who need timely financial assistance to take advantage of specific career opportunities. For info contact NFAA/Astral, 800 Brickell Ave, Ste 500, Miami FL 33131, 305/377-1140, http://www.nfaa.org. Deadlines Mar 1, Jun 1, Sept 1 and Dec 1.

  • The Australian Singing Competition Trustee
    Telex: AA 27364 Quote DX 887
    c/o Gridiger & Co., Solicitors, 67 Castlereagh St.
    Sydney, N.S.W 2000
    Tel: 2-9231-4888
    Fax: 2-9221-8201

  • BALTIMORE COMPETITION no longer exists now that they have a young artist program

  • Bel Canto Scholarship Competition

  • IBLA Bellini International Voice Competition June 25 through July 6, 2003 in the magnificent baroque quarters of Ragusa Ibla located in the southernmost tip of Sicily
    Eligibility: The competition is open to Sopranos, Mezzo-sopranos, Contraltos, Countertenors, Tenors, Baritones, Basses, Jazz Singers, Blues Singers, Gospel Singers from all over the world, with no age limit.
    Repertory Requirements:
    Free program of approximately 20 minutes. A piano accompanist will be available upon request. Contestant is free to bring his/her own accompanist.
    Application Procedures:
    1. Application typed or written in capital letters.
    2. Biographical profile or resume including two recent photos.
    3. Proof of age: copy of birth certificate or copy of passport.
    4. Audition repertoire list including specific duration of each piece.
    5.Application fee of $120 for individual entrants.
    We strongly recommend to bring your own accompanist. However, if you require a competition accompanist an additional fee of $80 will be required.
    $200 for the Master Class with the Jury. (all fees are refundable only if not admitted).
    Please wire to IBLA FOUNDATION checking account # 104 179 719, ABI 5036 CAB 17002, of the Banca Agricola Popolare of Ragusa, Viale Europa, 97100 Ragusa, ITALY
    USA contestants only: you may make checks payable to IBLA Foundation and send with completed application.
    6. If the applicant is a minor under the age of 18, application must be cosigned by a parent or guardian.
    7. Application materials will be received from October 1, 2002.
    Late applicants will be considered space permitting.
    8. Completed materials and applications should be sent to:
    Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti,
    President IBLA Foundation,
    226 East Second Street, Suite 5D,
    New York, NY 10009, USA
    9. For more information: e-mail:
    phone 001(212)387-1000
    fax 001(212)214-0701
    1. Competitors must perform from memory.
    2. One copy of each score must be provided for the Jury.
    3. The decisions of the Jury are final.
    4. Competitors waive all rights of remuneration for the broadcasting, televising or recording of their performance.
    5. The President, the Artistic directors and the Jury reserve the right to terminate any performance at any time and to withhold any award in any category if the performaces do not meet a high standard.
    6. For any matter in dispute the decision of the IBLA Foundation President shall be final.
    7. Participation in the competition assumes the unconditional acceptance of the present rules without reservation.
    Catania airport is the closest airport to Ragusa-Ibla, Italy. You may find direct flights from Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, London, etc.
    You may be offered the opportunity to perform in open stage evening concerts in Ragusa as well as in other cities associated with the IBLA Festival. The competition will provide the necessary transportation to these locations.
    However, you are not required to attend throughout the competition; you may leave after your scheduled performances, should you have other commitments.

  • Vincenzo Bellini International Competition for Pianists and Opera Singers Concorso internazionale Vincenzo Bellini per pianisti e cantanti lirici
    discipline : voice, piano
    date : september 2003
    age limit : 32 (pianist), 35 (singer)
    periodicity : annual
    inscriptions / enrolments :
    Associazione Amici della Musica
    Concorso internazionale Vincenzo Bellini
    Viale Trieste 308
    I-93100 Caltanissetta
    tel. : (39/0934) 59 20 25 — (39/0934) 55 46 88
    fax : (39/0934) 59 20 25
    e-mail :
    site: http://www.concorsobellini.com

    North American Preliminary Competition
    Organized by the Toronto School of Music Canada Prizes & Awards: Prizes for the top three finishers in both disciplines. First Prize: ёit 10.000.000 and a concert Second Prize: ёit 7.000.000, Third Prize: ёit 5.000.000, and a special prize < > of ёit 10.000.000. All non-winning finalists will receive a lump sum of ёit 1.000.000. Eligibility: Open to singers aged 35 or born after 5th June 1967.and to pianists aged 32 or born after 5th June 1970. Process: The preliminary competition will be held from August 26 to 31, 2001 in Toronto, Canada. The top 10 finishers in the North American preliminary competition will participate in the semifinals in Caltanissetta Italy on September 20-26, 2002.

  •  BELVEDERE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION — International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition: and competition for opera coaching every July Qualifying rounds in over 40 cities on five continents International Jury of opera managers. Final Concert and Great OMV-Gala Concert in Vienna and surroundings; Contact: e-mail:Angelika Anibas:
    Telefon: +43-1-512 01 00 54
    Fax: +43-1-512 01 00 50
    Mo√Fr 9.00√12.00 Uhr

    Singers of any nationality, born after August 1, 1967, are entitled to take part of the Competition.
    Caixa Postal 11489
    CEP 05422-970 — São Paulo — SP — Brazil.
    The long and somewhat complicated requirements can be found on the website if you keep clicking towards the english version.

  • Boris Christoff International Competition for Young Opera Singers

    Gancho Georgiev, Sec’y
    7A Aksakov Str.
    1000 Safia
    Fax:(2)87-48-21 ; Email: Sofia Jun 23 — Jul 5, 2000 (quadrennial) Opera 7A Aksakov St. BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria Telephone: +359-2-9871772 Fax: +359-2-874 821 E-mail: Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2000 Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1965 Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1967
    Top prize=$8,000USD

  • Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Vocal-Piano Competition 20, 21 and 22 November 2003 — Paris

    ARTICLE 1 — The Competition, open to top level candidates who have completed their studies or who are at the beginning of their career, will take place in Paris on 20, 21 and 22 November 2003.
    ARTICLE 2 — Those eligible for the Competition are singers of any nationality who have a perfect command of French pronunciation and who are under the age of 30 on November 2003.
    ARTICLE 3 — Candidates are advised to come with their own pianist. Pianists under the age of 32 on 20 November 2003 accompanying a singer are also eligible for awards. Singers may, however, request the Competition pianist on condition that request is made on the registration form. In this case, the candidate will be entitled to one hour’s rehearsal free of charge (any and all other rehearsals being at the candidate’s own expense). The candidate is advised to make prior contact with the pianist, in order to hand over copies of the performance pieces, indicating the key where necessary.
    ARTICLE 4 — Each candidate shall present a dossier including : Proof (photocopy) of personal identity, e.g. passport (idem pianist). A certified photocopy of diplomas or two hand-written personal references from two internationally renowned artists or teachers, specifically referring to this Competition. A curriculum vitae, in French or English, including a recent photograph (idem pianist). A detailed programme indicating timings of each work of each round (see article 5). The completed registration form, signed and accompanied by a registration fee of euros 50 paid by postal order, bank cheque, or money order, made out to Concours international de Chant-Piano Nadia et Lili Boulanger (idem pianist). This dossier should be returned no later than 20 September 2003 (post-mark is proof of posting) to the following address: Conservatoire Nadia et Lili Boulanger 17, rue Rochechouart 75009 Paris, FRANCE Tel. : +33 1 44 53 86 86 / Fax : +33 1 44 53 86 80 Registration may be refused on the grounds that a candidate does not have required level of competence, or in the case of an incomplete dossier.
    All stages of the competition are open to the public. ARTICLE 8 — The seven-member Jury will be sole judge in the granting of the following Prizes : Singing Prize of euros 10,000 Duet Prize of euros 5,000 Pianist-Accompanist Prize of euros 5,000

  • Brahms International Wettbewerb 25. August until 1. September 2002 PЖrtschach am WЖrther See, KДrnten/Austria Johannes-Brahms-Gesellschaft PЖrtschach
    Mrs. Waltraud Arnold, Seeuferstraъe 129, A-9210 PЖrtschach, Austria.
    Tel./Fax: +43-4272-3148, email:
    The International Johannes Brahms Competition at PЖrtschach is now in its ninth year. Also this year, there will be the following categories: Piano, violin, cello, viola, voice and chamber music with piano. The competition is scheduled from August 25th until September 1st. On September 1st the final concert for all prize winners will be held. Without participating in the final concert no prize can be awarded! There is no age limit for the participants. Pianists, violinists, cellists, viola players, singers and chamber musicians from any country who have reached international competition standard are welcome.
    All performances shall be open to the public. Furthermore, the jury assessment shall be made public and each adjucator shall submit his evaluation with his name immediately after each competitor’s performance, showing the points awarded on a score-sign. Points from 0-6, to one decimal, shall be awarded separately for technical mastery of the instrument and for artistic expression, and then be added together. The candidates can see the score immediately after their performance.
    E) Song
    First prize: EUR 1500
    Second prize: EUR 750

  • Britten-on-the-Bay, Inc

    Tristan Willems
    73 Ireland Place — Suite 108
    Amityville, NY 11701
    Phone: (516)691-3810
    Fax: (516)691-3810
    Award: Cash Award, Performances
    Fees: No Fee
    Additional Information: Contact Sponsor for more information

  • International BЭlbЭl Vocal Competition — Baku Sep 18 — 30, 2000 Opera Oratorio Lied; Organization Committee of the International BЭlbЭl Vocal Competition p/o 370016, Ministry of Culture Baku, Azerbaijan; Telephone:+994-12-934398; Fax:+994-12-935605; E-mail: ; Application Deadline: Jun 15, 2000 also folk songs and works by Azerbaijan composers Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 1, 1965 but not later than Dec 31, 1982

  • Montserrat CaballИ International Singing Contest — Andorra Jun 4 — 9, 2001 Opera; Centre cultural i de congressos laurediЮ PlaГa de la Germandat Sant JuliЮ de LРria, Principality of Andorra, Andorra; Telephone: +376-844047 Fax: +376-844647; E-mail: Application Deadline: May 4, 2001 Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1969; Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1971

  • Maria Callas Grand Prix in Opera, Oratorio, Lied — Athens Mar 15 — 22, 2001 Opera Oratorio Lied — Athenaeum International Cultural Centre 3, Adrianou St GR — 105 55 Athens, Greece Telephone: +30-1-321-19-49 Fax: +30-1-321-11-96 E-mail: ; Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2000; Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Mar 23, 1969 but not later than Mar 22, 1983; Women: Must be born on or after Mar 23, 1971 but not later than Mar 22, 1983

  •  CARDIFF «SINGER OF THE WORLD» COMPETITION Cardiff Jun 10 — 16, 2001 (biennial) Opera Oratorio Lied
    Anna Williams, Administrator
    BBC Cymru Wales Broadcasting House, Llandaff
    Cardiff, CF5 2YQ, Wales
    Telephone: +44-1437-563834
    Fax: +44-1437-563834
    E-mail: cardiff.singer
    Application Deadline: Sep 25, 2000
    no upper age limit ust be born not later than Jun 1, 1983

  • Concours International de Chant de Paris

    Christiane de Bayser, Pres.
    Jun 22 — 30, 2001 — Opera Lied
    Concours International de Chant de Paris
    8 rue du DТme
    F-75116 Paris, France
    Telephone: +33-1-47 04 76 38
    Fax:+33-1-47 27 35 03

    Application Deadline: May 7, 2001
    Age requirements: Sopranos: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1969 Baritones and Basses: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1965 All others: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1967
    French art song category: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1963

  • Altamura/Enrico Caruso International Voice Competition Preliminaries: New York, May 7-8 at Columbus Club, 8 East 69 St. NYC, & Gibraltar, June 5th, at The Convent Finals: June 8th, St. Michael’s Cave Theater, Gibraltar
    For info/applic. contact ICPAI,
    4000 Bergenline Ave.
    Union City NJ 07087
    Ph: 201-866-4307
    Fax: 201-866-3566

  • Classical Productions
    Two divisions, Junior (mainly for students, age limit of 34 years) and Professional (no age limit).
    The prizes are as follows:
    Professional: $1,000 and a recital at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.
    Junior: $500 and a recital at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.
    There are also smaller cash prices for second and third placein each division.
    E-mail: Classical Productions, PO Box 20180, Philadelphia, PA 19145
    Each division selects 16 finalists who will be in the finals which is in the form of a hosted concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall and where the winners are selected and awarded their prizes onstage.
    If you wish to see this year’s finals for the 2000 Vocal Competition of the Professional Division (we are holding the Junior Division for the first time in 2001), the finals will be at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on October 5, 2000 at 8:00 p.m.

  • Center for Contemporary Opera
    Center for Contemporary Opera
    PO Box 258, Island Station
    New York, NY 10044-0205
    Hand-delivered entries should be brought to 40 River Road, 22H, Roosevelt Island, NY and marked Attention: Richard Marshall.
    The Competition is open to singers world-wide. The competition will be held in September in New York City. There is no age limit. contemporary opera written in English
    First: $2,000 and a joint recital with the second place winner at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.
    Second: $1,000 and a joint recital with the first place winner at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.
    Third: $500 career advancement award.

  • Concours International de Chant de la Ville de Toulouse

    Georges Canet, Gen. Sec’y
    Theatre du Capitole
    F-31000 Toulouse

  • Cologne International Singing Competition Preise der Stiftung Helga und Dr. Paul Hohnen
    1. Preis: 7500 Euro
    2. Preis: 5000 Euro
    3. Preis: 2500 Euro
    FЖrderprДmien von je 500 Euro
    Publikumspreis in HЖhe von 1500 Euro

    Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Sec’y-Gen.

    Foundation Helga & Paul Hohen, Dagobertstr. 38
    D-50668 Cologne
    (221)91 28 18-112
    Fax:(221)13 12 04

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schulze, Pres.
    Sabine Martin, Sec’y
    Thomaskirchhof 16, PSF101349
    D-04013 Leipzig
    (341)9602119, 9644167-69

  •  Competizione dell’Opera Dresden, GERMANY May 26 — Jun 4, 2001
    Competizione dell’Opera Postfach 50 02 62 D-01032 Dresden, Germany
    Telephone: +49-351-31-075-31
    Fax: +49-351-31-075-31
    Download Brochure

    Application Deadline: variable, depending on location of preliminary round
    Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1968 Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1970
    Attended and judged by many well-known European impresarios and agents

  • 3rd Marie E. Crump Vocal Arts Competition open to residents of Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, includes college/university students. Held June 21 and June 23 ’02. Prelim audition by tape/CD postmarked on or before May 1 ’02; Semi-finals June 21 ’02; Finals June 23 ’02. Appl fee $20. For info/appl, contact A. Burt, Maryland Opera Society, 6916 Hanover Pkwy #101, Greenbelt, MD 20770- (301) 441-1841

  • Antonin Dvorak International Singing Contest KC Amethyst, IP Pavlova 14 360 01 Karlovy Vary CZECH REPUBLIC
    Phone: (17) 3228707
    FAX: (17) 3223753
    Chief: Marie Drlikova, Sec’y
    Frequency: Annual. Eligibility: A) ladies under 22,men under 23 B) ladies under 30,men under 32 C) song category:ladies under 30, men under 32 Prizes: (1st) 10,000 CK (Junior), 20,000 CK (Opera), 20,000 CK (Song). Instrument(s): vocal Deadline: June 30, 2001. Competition Dates: Nov. 2-9, 2001. Entrance fees: 150 DM (Junior), 200 DM (Opera).

  • Copenhagen Singing Competition in Memoriam Lauritz Melchior

    Det Kongelige Teater og Kapel, Postbox 2185
    Dk-1017 Copenhagen K
    33 69 69 33
    Fax: 33 69 65 19

  • Irma M. Cooper Vocal Competition — Columbus Mar 3 — 4, 2001 Opera studied, worked or resided in Ohio for 4 months Opera Columbus 177 Naghten Street Columbus, OH 43215-2613, USA Telephone: +1-614-461-8101 Fax: +1-614-461-0806; Application Deadline: Nov 16, 2001 Age requirements: Must be born on or after Mar 4, 1967 but not later than Mar 3, 1983

  • International Opera Contest Franco Corelli Ancona Jun 5 — 11, 2000 Opera Estremi srl via Zuccarini, 1 I-60020 Ancona, Italy Telephone: +39-071-2900701 Fax: +39-071-2869874 E-mail: Application Deadline: May 20, 2000 Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1964 Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1967

  • D’angelo Young Artist Competition

    Sam Rotman
    C/o Mercyhurst College
    501 E 38 St.
    Eria, PA 16546
    Phone: (814)824-2394
    Restrictions: Age: 18-30
    Award: Recital appearance
    First Prize: $10,000
    Deadline: January 15
    Date of Last Competition: 4/10/97
    Fees: $50 D’angelo Young Artist Competition
    Sam Rotman
    C/o Mercyhurst College
    501 E 38 St.
    Eria, PA 16546
    Phone: (814)824-2394
    Ages 18-30
    Recital appearance
    First Prize: $10,000

    Hariclea Darclee
    Fundatia Darclee
    Piata Traian 1
    6100 Braila

    Tel. +40 39 614710 +40 39 627777

    1- $15.000
    2- $10.000
    3- $5.000

    december 2003

    Associazione Culturale Amici del Pianoforte di Marsala
    Casella postale 307
    I-91025 Marsala (Sicile)
    tel. : (39/328) 00 74 939
    fax : (39/0923) 71 40 59
    e-mail :

    1st: ─ 2.000,00 diploma e medaglia.
    2nd: ─ 1.000,00 diploma e medaglia.
    3rd: ─ 750,00 diploma e medaglia.
    4th «DONNAFUGATA»:─ 400,00 diploma e medaglia.
    Special prize:Tra tutti i partecipanti ne saranno scelti alcuni i quali parteciperanno alla realizzazione di due Opere in forma di concerto per la Stagione 2003/2004. (Among all the participants, some will be chosen to participate in two Operas in concert for the 2003/4 season.)

  • East & West Artists International Auditions for a New York Debut — New York Oct 20 — 22, 2000 Opera Oratorio Lied
    East & West Artists 310
    Riverside Drive, #313 New York, NY 10025√4101, USA
    Telephone: +1-212-222-2433
    Fax: +1-212-222-2433
    Application Deadline: Jun 1, 2000
    Age requirements: no upper age limit must be born not later than Oct 20, 1982

  • George Enescu International Competition — Bucharest Sep 16 — 22, 2001
    Opera Oratorio Lied
    Artexim Calea Victoriei 155, bl. D1, Sc. 8, et.2, sect. 1
    RO-71012 Bucharest, Romania
    Telephone: +40-1-650-1806
    Fax: +40-1-311-0200
    Application Deadline: Jul 15, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Aug 16, 1968
  • Concorso Internazionale di Canto JuliАn Gayarre — Pamplona Sep 12-19, 2004
    Opera Lied , every 2 years (even years)
    Santo Domingo, 6-3╟ E-31001 Pamplona, Spain
    Telephone: +34-948-426072
    Fax: +34-948-426389
    Website: Click Here Application Deadline: ?
    Age requirements:All female singers born between January 1, 1973 and December 31, 1986 and all men singers born between January 1, 1970 and December 31, 1984 are eligible to compete.

  • Concours de GenХve Geneva November, 2003
    Opera Oratorio Lied ,French Horn
    Geneva International Music Competition
    Rue Bovy-Lysberg 2
    CH-1204 GenХve, Switzerland
    Telephone: +41-22-328-6208
    Fax: +41-22-328-4366
    Age limit: 30

  • 7╟ Concorso Lirico Internazionale «Umberto Giordano»
    CittЮ di Foggia
    Associazione Musica Insieme — via E. Fioritto, 49 — 71100 Foggia (Italia) — Tel. e Fax 0881 725488
    no age limit
    14, 15 e 16 Dicembre 2001: prove eliminatorie
    28 Dicembre 2001: Serata di Gala — Concerto lirico sinfonico dei vincitori
    Al 1╟ classificato: Borsa di studio di ё 4.500.000 (─ 2.324.05)
    Al 2╟ classificato: Borsa di studio di ё 2.000.000 (─ 1032,91)
    Al 3╟ classificato: Borsa di studio di ё 1.000.000 (─ 516,46)
    Al 4╟ classificato: Borsa di studio di ё 500.000 (─ 025,82)
    ROTARY CLUB «Umberto Giordano» di Foggia
    7╟ Premio SpecialeRotary Club «Umberto Giordano»: Borsa di studio di ё 1.500.000 (─ 774,68) per la migliore esecuzione di un’aria giordaniana maschile.
    LIONS CLUB «Umberto Giordano» di Foggia
    3╟ Premio speciale Lions Club «Umberto Giordano»: Borsa di studio di ё 1.500.000 (─ 774,68) per la migliore esecuzione di un’aria giordaniana femminile
    2╟ Premio speciale «Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino»: Borsa di studio di ё 1.000.000 (─ 516.46) per la migliore voce italiana.

  • «Alexander Girardi» Internationaler Gesangwettbewerb — Coburg, Germany

    From: June 27 2003 To: July 06 2003 Albrecht Tauer, Culture Div. Dir.
    Telex: 663294 st cdg d Teletex: 9561842 StCbg
    Kulturabteilung der Stadt Coburg, Steingasse 18
    D-96450 Coburg
    +49(9561)89 14 02
    Fax:+49(9561)89 10 29
    Cash prizes: 1st prize 7.500 ─,
    2nd prize 6.000 ─,
    3rd prize 4.500 ─
    Other prizes: Spezial prizes at a total sum of 6.000 ─
    Other info: Participation fee 75 ─ Final stage with the Orchestra of the Landestheater Coburg.
    Age limitations: Singers (female) 18 to 30 years, singers (male) 18 to 32 years
    Deadline: April 10 2003
    Next Competition: 2005

  • International Competition for Opera Singers Tito Gobbi — Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    Jun 25 — 27, 2001 Opera
    Assessorato alla Cultura
    Via Matteotti, 39
    I-36061 Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    Application Deadline: Jun 15, 2001
    Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1966 Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1968

  • Anton Guadagno Vocal Competition of Palm Beach Opera Palm Beach, Florida Apr 25 — 26, 2002 (annual)
    Opera Attn: Michele Eassa, Palm Beach Opera
    415 South Olive Avenue
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
    E-mail: Application Deadline: Feb 14, 2002
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Apr 26, 1972 but not later than Apr 26, 1984

  • Opernwettbewerb Gottlob Frick zum Gedenken Ochsenhausen Sep 10 — 15, 2000
    Opera Operetta
    Landesakademie fЭr die musizierende Jugend in Baden-WЭrttemberg Schlossbezirk 7 D-88416 Ochsenhausen, Germany
    Application Deadline: Jun 1, 2000
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Sep 12, 1967

  • Institute of International Education/Fulbright

    Theresa Granza
    809 United Nations Plaza
    New York, NY 10017
    Phone: (212)984-5330
    Fax: (212)984-5452
    Deadline: October 23
    Date of Last Competition: 5/1/97
    Fees: No Fee: This is a grant for funds to study (abroad, usually.)

  • Helda Hermann’s Young Artists Competition
    Millette Alexander
    17 Morningside Dr S
    Westport, CT 06880
    Phone: (203) 227-9401
    Restrictions: No Professionaly Managed Soloists, Age: 19-30
    First Prize: $2,000
    Second Prize: $1,000
    Third Prize: $500
  • Koloraturgesangs Internationaler Wettbewerb-Sylvia Geszty-Luxembourg

    Egbert Gross, Chief Officer
    Postfach 1163
    D-75390 Gechingen

  • Liederkranz Foundation Scholarship Award

    John Balme
    6 E 87 St
    New York, NY 10128
    Phone: (212)534-0880
    Restrictions: Age: 20-35, 24-45 Wagnerian voice
    First Prize: $5,000
    Second Prize: $1,000
    Deadline: December 1
    Date of Last Competition: 1/13/98
    Fees: $30

  • S’HERTOGENBOSCH COMPETITION — ‘s-Hertogenbosch 2002
    Opera Oratorio Lied
    IVC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
    P.O. Box 1225
    NL-5200 BG ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
    Telephone: +31-736-900999
    Fax: +31-736-901166

  • Internationaler Gesangswettbewerb Stiftung Helga und Paul Hohnen Cologne Sep 19 — Oct 2, 2002 (quadrennial)
    Opera Oratorio Lied
    Hochschule fЭr Musik KЖln
    Dagobertstraъe 38
    D-50668 KЖln, Germany
    Telephone: +49-221-912818-112
    Application Deadline: Jun 15, 2002 Age requirements: Must be born on or after Oct 3, 1972

  • Houston Symphony Ima Hogg National Young Artist

    Charlotte A Rothwell
    615 Louisiana St
    C/o Houston Grand Opera
    Houston, TX
    Phone: (713)238-1447
    Fax: (713)222-7024
    Award: Performance opportunity with Symphony
    First Prize: $5,000
    Second Prize: $2,500
    Third Prize: $1,000
    Deadline: February 15
    Date of Last Competition: 5/16/97
    Fees: $25

  • International Competition for Piano Chamber Music and Singing Minerbio
    Jun 7 — 14, 2001
    Opera Oratorio
    Ass. Amici della Musica di Bologna
    via Repubblica Italiana 14
    I-40061 Minerbio (BO), Italy
    Application Deadline: May 20, 2001
    Age requirements: no upper age limit

  • Fritz and Lavinia Jensen Foundation Awards will be held in New York City between May 13-16 ’02. 1st prize: $10,000, 2nd $5,000, 3rd $2,500, add’l awards may be considered. Age limit 35, permanent resident of US and pursuing a vocal career in music. For info/appl contact Jensen Foundation PO Box 3802 Austin TX 78764, e-mail: or download an appl from www.jensenfoundation.org. Apps must be received before Apr 18.

  • The Kosciuszko Foundation Voice Competition

  • Liedwettbewerb Petyrek-Lang-Stiftung Vienna Oct 16 — 19, 2000 Lied open to students of Austrian music universities z. H. Fr. Mag. Elga Ponzer Anton von Webern-Platz 1 A-1030 Vienna, Austria
    Telephone: +43-1-71155-6050
    Fax: +43-1-71155-6059
    Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2000
    Age requirements: no upper age limit

  • Llangollen International Competition for Singers Llangollen
    Jul 1 — 7, 2000
    Music Office Royal International Pavilion GB-LL 20 8SW Llangollen, Wales
    Telephone: +44-1978-860236
    Fax: +44-1978-861300
    E-mail: ;
    Application Deadline: Feb 1, 2000

  • George London Competition

  • Concours International de Chant de Marmande et de la RИgion Aquitaine Marmande Aug 24 — 27, 2001
    Opera Operetta Lied
    Festival Lyrique et Musical en Marmandais
    12, rue du GИnИral Brun
    F-47200 Marmande, France
    Telephone: +33-5-53 89 68 75
    Fax: +33-5-53 89 68 75
    Application Deadline: Jul 24, 2001
    Lied contestants: French songs, including Roussel.
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Aug 25, 1966 but not later than Aug 27, 1983

  • Concours International d’Opera (Marseille, France)
    Association du Concours International d’OpИra de Marseille
    49 rue Chape
    F-13004 Marseille FRANCE
    Telephone: (33) 491 18 43 10
    Fax: (33) 491 18 43 19
    Website: www.cnipal.asso.fr/concours-opera-marseille/intro.htm From: September 06 2003 To: September 13 2003
    Prizes for each category females and males:
    1st prize: 7 500 Euros
    2nd prize: 4 000 Euros
    3rd prize: 2 500 Euros
    Other prizes: Prize of the Audience, CNIPAL Prize, Engagements in Operas and Festivals in France and Europe
    Other info: Final round with l'»Orchestre Philarmonique de l’OpИra de Marseille».
    Age limitations: 33 years old
    Deadline: July 31 2003
    Next Competition: 2005
    (1st prize women and men = 50 000 Francs)
    Application deadline: July 1, 1999
    International Jury: Opera directors, international opera singers, conductors, impresarios and opera critics.

  • Louise D Mcmahon International Music Competition

    Alan Burdick
    Lawton Philharm Orchestra
    Po Box 1473
    Lawton, OK 73502
    Phone: (405)248-2001
    Fax: (405)248-2204
    Restrictions: Age: 25 and older
    Award: Residency at Cameron Univ.
    First Prize: $5,000
    Second Prize: $3,000
    Third Prize: $2,000
    Fees: $75

  •  MacAllister Awards MacAllister Awards for Opera Singers, sponsored by Indiana Opera Theatre, will be Aug 23-25. Prof and College divisions. Age limit is 25 for the college division, and 36 for the prof. division. Must be a US citizen. Download an application from www.macallisterawards.com and mail it to Opera, 7515 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN 46219, along with two 8×10 glossy photos, registration fee ($25 prof., $0 college), a resume and SASE. Applications must be received 10 days before regional audition date. See website for list of scheduled regional auditions.

  • Marion Anderson Competition — UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITIONS — George Moquin, Director Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Telephone: 301 405-8174 Facsimile: 301 405-5977 Email:
    Website: http://www.claricesmithcenter.umd.edu
    The University of Maryland International Music Competitions bear the names of three of the most prominent American-born artists. They are the Marian Anderson Vocal Arts Competition, the William Kapell International Piano Competition, and the Leonard Rose International Cello Competition. These alternating events are generally held quadrennially, offering over $50,000 in cash awards to prize winners and engagements for competition laureates. The Leonard Rose International Cello Competition and Sixth American Cello Congress will be held in the new Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at Maryland, May 24- June 2, 2001. The Competitions are members of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, Geneva, Switzerland, and the Pan-American Council of International Music Competitions.

  • Macdowell Colony Inc

    Mary Carswell
    100 High St
    Peterborough, NH 03458
    Phone: (603)924-3886
    Fax: (603)924-9142
    Award: Scholarship for Colony
    Deadline: January 15
    Date of Last Competition: 5/1/98
    Fees: $20

  •  Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions

  • International Vocal Competition Stanislaw Moniuszko Warsaw Apr 20 — 29, 2001 Opera Oratorio Lied Maria Foltyn — Artistic Director Plac Teatralny 1 PL-00-950 Warszawa, Poland Telephone: +48-22-635-5738 Fax: +48-22-635-5738Application Deadline: Oct 1, 2000 Age requirements: Must be born on or after Apr 21, 1966

  • Mu Phi Epsilon International Competition

    Jeanine Wagner
    2706 Sunset Dr
    Carbondale, IL 62901
    Phone: (618)549-0237
    Fax: (618)549-0237
    Restrictions: Members of Mu Phi Epsilon, Not under management
    Award: Two year concert engagements
    Deadline: January 15
    Date of Last Competition: 8/1/98
    Fees: $50

  • Music Theatre Competition — Hewlett, NY May 26, 2001; Opera Operetta
    Musical Five Towns Music and Art Foundation, Inc.
    16 Atlantic Avenue
    Lynbrook, NY 11563, USA
    Telephone: +1-516-593-0611
    Application Deadline: Apr 26, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after May 27, 1973 but not later than May 26, 1984

  • «DEBÜT IN MERAN» ENROLL at http://www.operastudio.com/ — — click on «wettbewerb» — means competition in German
    For the third time the International Musical- and Operastadio — Meran organizes the International Singing Competition «Debüt in Meran» which is to be held from 05. — 11. May 2004. . Qualified to participate are singers of all nationalities who where born after January 1st, 1965. All candidates have the possibility to apply for an engagement for productions of the International Musical- and Operastudio — Meran in the Town Theatre of Meran for the season 2000/2001. Stay in Meran All competitors must register in person with the identity card on February 19th, 2000 at the Competition Office in the Town Theatre of Meran until 04.00 p.m. Repertory Every participant to the competition communicates on the application form the repertory he/she intends to sing. Every repertory should contain the most important stylistic periods, besides two languages should be considered. The programme for the entire competition «Debüt in Meran» must consist of ten arias of the range opera/operetta/oratorio and musical and six songs/chansons. «Song prize» must consist of ten songs/chansons and two oratorio-arias. «Operetta- and «Musical prize» must consist each of six arias of the range operetta/musical. «Opera prize» must consist of six arias of the range opera. «South Tyrolian promotion prize» will be awarded. The candidates for this prize must have their place of residence in South-Tyrol or be born there. «South Tyrolian promotion prize» must consist of three arias as well as three songs/chansons. All pieces, except arias of oratorios, must be performed by heart. Every participant can apply for more than one prize category. Prizes 1st  prize «Debüt in Meran» Lit. 8,000.000.- 2nd prize quot;Debüt in Meran» Lit. 4,000.000.- 3rd prize «Debüt in Meran» Lit. 2,000.000.- 1st  Opera prize Lit. 3,000.000.- 2nd Opera prize Lit. 1,000.000.- 3rd Opera prize Lit. 500.000.-   Song prize Lit. 2,000.000.- Musical prize Lit. 2,000.000.- Operettaprize Lit. 2,000.000.- South Tyrolian promotion prize Lit. 2,000.000.-

  • Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition

    Timo Arjas, Sec’y., Finnish Cultural Foundation
    FIN-00121 Helsinki

  •  Mozart International Competition of the Hochschule «Mozarteum» Rector Prof. Klaus Ager, Chief Officer
    Mirabellplatz 1
    A-5020 Salzburg
    (662)88908-200, 201

  • National Competition for Performing Artists

    Caroline Hunt
    c/o Contemporary Rec Soc
    724 Winchester Rd
    Broomall, PA 19008
    Phone: (610)544-5920
    Fax: (610)544-5921
    Award: CD recording, grants
    Deadline: October 19
    Fees: $50

  • National Endowment for the Arts

  • New Jersey Alliance of Performing Artists Vocal Competition
    No age limit. At Marymount Manhatten College, 221 East 71st Street,
    NY (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)For an application write: «Application Request» in the lower left-hand corner of an envelope addressed to:
    Steve Wightman, Secretary,
    c/o NJAPA, 45 Grove Avenue
    Maywood, NJ 07607
    Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the application.
    Application deadline: December 1, 2001Prelims: Dec. 8 and 9, Finals on December 14, 2001.
    Additional Information: E-mail
    or call (201) 368-0070

  • NATS Artist Awards Competition Opera Oratorio Lied — The competition takes place every other year, in conjunction with NATS Conventions. Next competition year is 2004. Preliminary competitions are held regionally; Semifinals/finals take place at the NATS Convention. pdf file of 2002 competition
    1st prize = $5000
    2nd prize = $4000
    NATS FOUNDATION AWARDS TO REMAINING FINALISTS ***Mary Wolfman Award*** Irma Cooper Award*** ***Annemarie Gerts Award*** Berton Coffin Award***
    NATS FOUNDATION AWARDS TO SEMIFINALISTS ***Orville Borchers Award*** Irvin Bushman Award*** Lee Cass Award*** ***Todd Duncan Award*** Robert Grooters Award*** Harvey Ringel Award*** ***Bernard Taylor Award ***Trump/Mayfield Award*** William Vernard Award***

  • National Competition for Performing Artists

    Caroline Hunt
    c/o Contemporary Rec Soc
    724 Winchester Rd
    Broomall, PA 19008
    Phone: (610)544-5920
    Fax: (610)544-5921
    Award: CD recording, grants
    Deadline: October 19
    Fees: $5 National Competition for Performing Artists

  • Walter W Naumburg Foundation Int’l

    Lucy Rowan Mann
    60 Lincoln Center Plaza
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: (212)874-1150
    Restrictions: Age: 19-31
    Award: New York Recital
    First Prize: $5,000
    Second Prize: $2,500
    Third Prize: $1,000
    Deadline: March 1
    Date of Last Competition: 5/6/97
    Fees: $100

  • New Millennium Vocal Competition Fax: 212-989-3301, E-mail: or send res to NYVA, Brian Douglas, Dir, 85 8th Ave #5M, New York NY 100112002 sponsored by New York Vocal Artists. $5500 cash prize, $4000 in performing scholarships. Fee $40. Fax: 212/989-3301, e-mail: , or send resume to NYVA, Brian Douglas, Dir, 85 Eighth Ave #5M, New York NY10011. Application can be found at www.nyva.org (Click on the orange square and scroll to bottom of letter.)
    No age limit

  • New York Foundation for the Arts Artists’ Award

    Penelope Dannenberg
    155 Ave of the Americas
    New York, NY 10013
    Phone: (212)366-6900
    Restrictions: New York Residence, Non-students
    Award: Grants
    Deadline: September 1
    Date of Last Competition: 10/1/97
    Fees: No Fee

  • New York Foundation for the Arts Artists’

    Penelope Dannenberg
    155 Ave of the Americas
    New York, NY 10013
    Phone: (212)366-6900
    Restrictions: New York Residence, Non-students
    Award: Grants
    Deadline: September 1
    Date of Last Competition: 10/1/97
    Fees: No Fee

  • OPERA BIRMINGHAM VOCAL COMPETITION 2001 First Prize- $2500; Second Prize- $2000; Third Prize- $1500; Fourth Prize- $1000; Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Prizes- $500 each. Singers must be current/former residents of students in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. Four arias of contrasting style- one aria in Italian, one aria in English, one aria in either French or German, plus a fourth in any language of the singer’s choosing. All arias must be sung in the original key. Translations from another language into English are NOT recommended for the English selection. All contestants must be between 21 and 35 years of age as of May 20, 2001. A non-refundable application fee of $55 is required of all contestants. Audition times are reserved inorder of receipt of application. The Application Deadline is Wednesday, May 9, 2001. The competition will close after receipt of 60 applications if received before the May 9 deadline. Regrettably, the application fee is not refundable under any circumstances. All contestants will be given consideration for casting in future Opera Birmingham productions as well as for the companies represented by the panel of judges. Opera Birmingham will provide an accompanist for an additional $25 fee to be included with the application. This covers the actual audition and a 10-minute rehearsal prior to the audition. Finalists will be provided with additional rehearsal time at no extra cost before the Sunday evening finals. If an accompanist is desired, please provide a copy of any extremely difficult aria or aria outside the standard repertoire. For additional information, please call the Opera Birmingham office at 205.322.6737 or Joanne Weston, Competition Chair, at 205.823.3313. Opera Birmingham office hours are Monday through Friday, 9-5 (CST).

  • Opera Index, Inc. ~ 2002 VOCAL COMPETITION ~ a New York based, tax-exempt corporation whose mission is to assist young singers at the very early stages of their careers with cash awards totaling $34,000, based upon a vocal competition.
    The Major Awards are: $10,000, 7,500, 5,000, 4,000, and 3,000. The Encouragement Grants are $750 each.
    AUDITIONS Auditions will be scheduled on Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th, 2002 between 10:00 A.M. and 4:45 P.M. at the Dicapo Opera Theater, 184 East 76th Street in New York City. Applicants must have been born after December 31, 1967 and be referred by music professionals. FOR AN APPLICATION Click on this link for a printable application , or send a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope (SASE) to:
    Opera Index, Inc. c/o Janet T. Stovin 151 Central Park West #1W New York, NY 10023-1514
    (212)877-6778 phone/fax
    E-mail All completed applications must be postmarked no later than September 14, 2002 and must be accompanied by a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee. AWARDS Career Grant winners ($3,000 and above) must perform at the January 12, 2003 Award Gala at the Essex House in New York City. Encouragement Grant winners ($750) must sing at either the November 13 Membership Party or April 27, 2003 concert in NYC to receive their cash awards.
  •  Operalia (Placido Domingo World Opera Contest)

    Lucienne Telle
    230 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore
    F-75008 Paris
    North & South America:
    c/o The Dickson Office
    PO Box 1337
    Newark, NJ 07101, USA
    Asia & Australia:
    c/o Crystal  Arts Planning
    Maison de Charrue, Apt. 501, 4-7-22 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo 102, Japan
    Fax:(3)5120-9074 ;

  • Operetten-NachwuchssДnger-Wettbewerb St. PЖlten Nov 2 — 3, 2001
    Internationale KunstfЖrderung Nico Dostal
    Rebschulgasse 5B/14
    A-2103 Langenzersdorf / Wien, Austria
    Telephone: +43-2244-3766
    Fax: +43-2244-30839
    Application Deadline: Jun 29, 2001
    Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1969 Women: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1971

  • Olga Koussevitzky Young Artist Awards

    Mrs Constance Mensch
    165 W 66 St
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: (212)877-2127
    Fax: (212)333-7734
    Restrictions: Age: 16-26, 18-32 for voice
    First Prize: $3,500
    Deadline: March 1
    Date of Last Competition: 4/1/97
    Fees: $40

  • Oratorio Society of New YorkSolo Competition

  • Orlando Opera Heinz and Suze Rehfuss Singing Actor Awards . Ages 18-34. Auditions will be held May 18-19 in Los Angeles, CA; May 25-27 in NYC; and May 30-31 in Orlando, Fl. Final competition is June 3 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. To obtain application, contact Gregory Ruffer, Director of Education with the Orlando Opera at 407-426-1717 ext. 108.Fax: 407-426-1705

  • Orlando Opera announces the Heinz and Suze Rehfuss Singing Actor Awards.
    Ages 18-34. Auditions will be held May 18-19 in Los Angeles, CA; May 25-27 in NYC; and May 30-31 in Orlando, Fl. Final competition is June 3 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. To obtain application, contact Gregory Ruffer, Director of Education with the Orlando Opera at 407-426-1717 ext. 108. Fax: 407-426-1705

  • Pacific Opera will hold auditions for their Performance Prize in New York, Winter 2002. Awards will be made based on the winning singer’s needs consistent with Pacific Opera’s Mission Statement to produce world class singers. For information, contact Pacific Opera, ph: 732/222-6731; fax: 732/222-7009. ???

  • International Lucia Popp Vocal Competition Bratislava November, 2003 Opera Oratorio Lied NHC — Slovkoncert MichalskА 10 SK-815 36 Bratislava, Slovak Republic Telephone: +421-7-533-2652 Fax: +421-7-533-4526; Application Deadline: 2003 (to be announced)

  • Prague Spring International Music Competition

    Oleg Podgorny, Dir.
    Hellichova 18
    CZ-118 00 Prague 1
    (2)533-474, 5732-0468

  • Rosa Ponselle Competition itself has been discontinued, but if you go to the «press releases» section on the site, it will give information on how young (i.e. 15-21 years) singers can make use of this invaluable foundation for the furthering of young talent through early voice training — i.e. scholarships.

  • Pro Musicis International Award

    Fr Eugene Merlet
    140 W 79 St, No 9f
    New York, NY 10024
    Phone: 212 7870993
    Fax: (212)362-0352
    Restrictions: Age: 35 or younger
    Award: Major Recital in New York
    Deadline: March 1
    Date of Last Competition: 5/1/97
    Fees: $50

  •  Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition

    Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit, Pres.
    Cecile Ferriere, Sec’y-Gen.
    Cable: MUSINTEL

    20 Rue Aux Laines
    B-1000 Brussels

  • The Queen Sonja International Music Competition

    Vocal: 1999  October  8 — 15
    P.O. Box 5190 Majorstua N-0302
    Oslo, Norway
    Tel: +47 23 36 70 00 (direct line 70 67)
    Fax: +47 22 46 36 30

  •  Ranieri I Cestelli Competizione dell’Opera
    International Singing Contest of Italian Opera
    Graumannsweg 31
    22087 Hamburg, GERMANYTEL: (+49) 40 — 22 71 57-69
    FAX:(+49) 40 — 22 71 57-63

    FIRST ROUND: MЭnich — March 31 until April 5, 1998
    Hamburg — May 4-10
    Cologne — May 20-25
    Berlin — June 24-29
    FINALS IN HAMBURG September 23-26, 1998

    former board: August Everding, Hans-Joachim Frey, Dr. Alvin HДnseroth, Hermann Rauhe

    Jury includes: bunch o’ bigwigs from every sector of European opera world

    For each 1st round there are three prizes:

    1st prize — DM 8000 ($4444) ;2nd — DM 6000 ($3333) ; 3rd — DM 3000 ($1666)

    1ST — DM 10.000 ($5555) ; 2ND — DM 8.000 ($4444) ; 3RD — DM 6.000 ($3333)

    Open to singers of all nationalities who are studying, have studied or have at least been immatriculated for a short period of time at a European academy of music conservatory, or comparable institution. Age limits apply. Those having studied privately must present comparable qualifications and proof in order to be allowed to participate. Must include copy of birth certificate or passport, copy of proof of study, two recent photos (passport photos). There are compulsory arias from lists, etc….

  • International Competition for Young Opera Singers Rheinsberg Feb 6 — 11, 2001 (annual)
    Opera winners participate in the summer festival program at Schloss Rheinsberg
    Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg
    D-16831 Rheinsberg, Germany
    Telephone: +49-33931-725-0
    Fax: +49-33931-725-15
    Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2000 Age requirements: Must be born on or after Feb 12, 1969

  • International Robert Schumann Contest for Voice and Piano In Zwickau, Germany . June 15th — 25th, 2000 For singers born in 1969 or later. Send a copy of your birth certificate; resume; copie of degrees and names of teachers; information about other prizes you may have won; 2 passport photos and 2 glossy fotos (postcard size); your definitive competition program. The cost of DM 150 is to be paid into: Sparkasse Zwickau, BLZ 870 550 00, Account Nr. 2 244 003 976, (Purpose: 30000.11012, and your name written clearly). Show the reciept to the competition secretary upon arrival. -Competitors reaching the last round will recieve some money for living costs -Accompanists will be provided for free by the competion orginization.
    Write to Internationaler Robert-Schumann-Wettbewerb fЭr Klavier und Gesang MЭnzsraъe 12, D-08056 Zwickau, Germany
    Tel. from outside of Germany: 49 (375) 212636, Fax: 49 (375) 834130,
    E-mail: Prizes (awarded seperatly for men and women) 1.Prize: DM 15,000, 2.Prize: DM 10,000, 3.Prize: DM 5,000 Program: Round One Robert Schumann: 4 Lieder of your choice Christoph Willibald Gluck oder Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart oder Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: 1 Aria of your choice Round Two Robert Schumann: 7 Lieder of your choice (different from the 1st round) Franz Schubert: 1 Lied of your choice Clara Schumann: 1 Lied of your choice Johannes Brahms: 1 Lied of your choice Hugo Wolf: 1 Lied of your choice Gustav Mahler: 1 Lied of your choice

  • Ada Sari Wettbewerb der Vocalkunst Nowy Sacz May 26 — Jun 2, 2001 Opera Oratorio Lied Matopolskie Centrum Kultury Sokol Ul. Dlugosza 3 33-300 Nowy Sacz, Poland Telephone: +48-18-443-5215 Fax: +48-18-443-5215 E-mail: Application Deadline: Mar 15, 2001 Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after May 28, 1969 Women: Must be born on or after May 28, 1971

  • Eleventh annual Friedrich Schorr Memorial Performance Prize in Voice International Competition , 2002 — sponsored by Hat City Music Theater, Danbury, Connecticut. Honoring the memory of Friedrich Schorr, the great Wagnerian baritone. $10,000 in performance prizes and stipends will be awarded as a result of the competition which is used to cast staged productions with orchestra of Hansel & Gretel, Cosi Fan Tutte, Bon Appetit and La Pizza Con Funghi as well as other performances during Hat City Music Theater’s ’02-’03 season. There are no age or geographic limits for applicants. The semi-final and final rounds will be Apr 20-21, ’02 on the campus of Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT. Postmark Deadline for Applications: Mar 25. Email for application: or call Hat City Music Theater at 203/746-2694.

  • International Competition Franz Schubert and the Music of Modernity Graz Feb 19 — 28, 2003
    Lied Pianists may be no older than 34 years
    University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz
    Leonhardstraъe 15
    A-8010 Graz, Austria
    Fax: +43- 316-389-1901
    Application Deadline: Nov 1, 2002
    Age requirements: Men: Must be born on or after Mar 1, 1969 Women: Must be born on or after Mar 1, 1971

  • International Competition of Chamber Music C. A. Seghizzi Gorizia Jul 2 — 5, 2001
    Lied Casella postale 7 I-34170 Gorizia, Italy
    Telephone: +39-0481-530288
    Fax: +39-0481-536739
    Application Deadline: May 31, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 1, 1963

  • Giuletta Simionato International Competition for Opera Singers Concorso internazionale Giuletta Simionato per cantanti lirici
    discipline/discipline : voice
    date/date : june 2003
    limite d’inscription/deadline :05/15/03
    limite d’Бge/age limit : 34
    pИriodicitИ/periodicity : annual
    inscriptions / enrolments : Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio
    Via Mazzini 11
    I-14047 Belveglio (Asti)
    tel. : (39/141) 95 58 67
    fax : (39/141) 95 58 67
    e-mail :

  • Solistenwettbewerb fЭr alte Musik — Brunnenthal bei SchДrding May 18 — 20, 2001
    Oratorio Lied
    Helene PЭrmayr Stifterstrasse 33
    A-4780 SchДrding, Austria
    Telephone: +43-7712-3386
    Fax: +43-7712-3386
    Application Deadline: Mar 15, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after May 21, 1971

  • Sorantin young artist award

    Gene C Smith
    Po Box 5922
    San Angelo, TX 76902
    Phone: (915)658-5877
    Fax: (915)658-3101
    Award: Performance & Cash
    Deadline: October 18
    Date of Last Competition: 11/17/95
    Fees: $50

  • European Community Competition for Young Opera Singers — Spoleto 5th to 9th March, 2003
    Instituzione Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto Adriano Belli
    Piazza G. Bovio, 1
    I-06049 Spoleto (PG), Italy
    Telephone: +39 — 743.22.16.45
    Fax: +39-743-222930
    Application Deadline: 19th February 2003
    admission fee=52 Euros
    Age requirements: All young people from countries of the European Union (EU) or from the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Rumania, Esthonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Malta, Cyprus may take part in this competition, providing that on 1st January 2003 they are under 30 years of age for sopranos and tenors, or 32 years of age for mezzosopranos, contraltos, baritones and basses.
    deadline:19th February 2003
    Prizes:The winners will attend either the 2003 or 2004 Preparatory Course for five months. The course will include lessons on theory, recitation, stage movements, singing, group exercises and preparation of several operas. The course will be held in Spoleto at the ⌠Villa Redenta complex, ⌠Teatro Nuovo or ⌠Teatro Caio Melisso and/or in Rome. Those applicants graded as ⌠suitable could be called to attend the last two months of the 2003 Preparatory course. Attendance at the Preparatory Course is compulsory. A monthly scholarship of Euro 850,00 will be paid to all students. Payment of the scholarship is dependent on the continuous and successful attendance at the Course and at these debut Opera Season. Students must be present for the whole course. The Institution may give permisssion for brief absences for serious reasons or for documented necessity, after having asked the Artistc Teaching Director’s advice. Students can not be absent during opera rehearsals or recitals. After completion of the Preparatory Course, the 2002 and 2003 competition winners will debut at the 57th Opera Season that the Institution will put on within 2003. Performance at the operas, in the roles decided by the Artistic Teaching Director, is compulsory. Meritorous students, in any case those chosen by the Artistic Teaching Director will take part in the Regional Opera Season of Umbria, if it is put on, with performances in the main cities of the Region (Perugia, Terni, Todi, Orvieto, etc.). Other performances could be possible in major Italian theatres, such as ⌠Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and the Teatro Comunale di Firenze, «Teatro Comunale di Bologna» and «Arena Sferisterio di Macerata».

  • International Singing Competition Spontini / Pergolesi Maiolati Spontini (Ancona) Nov 1 — 4, 2000
    Centro Studi G. Spontini
    Via Celeste Erard 1
    I-60030 Maiolati Spontini (AN), Italy
    Telephone: +39-0731-703303
    Fax: +39-0731-703303
    Website: Application Deadline: Oct 15, 2000
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Oct 2, 1965

  • ?? Heinrich Strecker — Wiener Lied — Operette — Wettbewerb Vienna Sep 14 — 16, 2001
    Heinrich Strecker Gesellschaft
    Marchetstrasse 76
    A-2500 Baden bei Wien, Austria
    Telephone: +43-664-456-1725
    Fax: +43-2252-48449
    E-mail: strecker-gesellschaft
    Application Deadline: Aug 31, 2001 also Wiener Lieder
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Sep 17, 1966

  • Internationaler Wettbewerb fЭr Liedkunst Stuttgart Apr 1 — May 6, 2001 (Triennial)
    Lied Singer-Pianist Duo-
    Competition Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie
    JДgerstrasse 40
    D-71074 Stuttgart, Germany
    Fax: +49-711-227-9919
    E-mail: Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2001
    Strauss, Kilpinen and Pfitzner
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Mar 2, 1965
  •  The Sullivan Foundation Auditions will be held Nov 4,5,6 in New York City. The annual auditions offer awards in the amount of $7,500 each. Applicants must be in the early stages of professional careers and have completed their apprentice training; they should have had one engagement with a known opera company or symphony orchestra and be contracted to perform with at least one company or orchestra after the auditions. For info/appl send a postcard with name, address and tel# to: SF, Box 189, Kent CT 06757 or write to: . Appl requests must be received by Jul 15, appl deadline is Sep 15.

  • Joseph Suder-Liedwettbewerb — Hammelburg Oct 16 — 18, 2000
    Hochschule fЭr Musik NЭrnberg-Augsburg
    Am Katharinenkloster 6
    D-90403 NЭrnberg, Germany
    Telephone: +49-911-231-2373
    Fax: +49-911-231-3972
    Application Deadline: Jul 1, 2000 20th Century Composers Age requirements: Must be born on or after Oct 17, 1965

  • Klaudia Taev International Competition for Young Singers Estonia May 25 — 30, 2003 Opera Oratorio Lied
    The Klaudia Taev International Competition
    Gonsiori 21 Box 25
    EST-10147 Tallinn, Estonia
    Telephone: +372-55-631-478
    Fax: +372-44-29-201
    Application Deadline: March 17, 2003
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after June 1, 1967

  • International Competition for Opera Singers «Ferruccio Tagliavini» Deutschlandsberg Apr 17 — 24, 2001
    Opera Lied
    c/o Ruefa Reisen
    Frauentalerstrasse 8 A-8530 Deutschlandsberg, Austria
    Telephone: +43-346-23130
    Fax: +43-3462-31309
    E-mail: Application Deadline: Mar 21, 2001
    Age requirements: College Graduates and Professionals: Must be born on or after May 1, 1965 but not later than April 30, 1984
    Students: Must be born on or after May 1, 1976 but not later than April 30, 1983

  • Tansman International Competition of Musical Personalities LСdz Nov 5 — 11, 2000
    Stowarzyszenie Promocji Kultury im. Alexander Tansman
    Ul. LegionСw 2
    PL-9O-401 LСdz, Poland
    Telephone: +48-42-6399386
    Fax: +48-42-6399386
    Application Deadline: Aug 22, 2000 Vocal and instrumental competition
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 2, 1970

  • Richard Tauber Prize for Singers — London March 2003
    • The Richard Tauber Prize is open to singers resident in the United Kingdom or Austria.
    • Applicants should be aged over 21 and not older than 30 in the case of women and 32 in the case of men, as on 14 February 2003.
    • Preliminary auditions will be held in late March 2003 in London and in Vienna.
    • Candidates are requested to prepare a choice of two operatic arias and one Lied. The total programme should not exceed ten minutes and at least one of the pieces should be sung in German.
    • The public final audition will be held at the Wigmore Hall in London in June 2003.
    • The closing date for applications is 14 February 2003.
    • All applications must be supported by two professional referees and a registration fee of ё25.

    Application forms now available from:
    Anglo-Austrian Music Society,
    158 Rosendale Road, London SE21 8LG
    Tel: 020 8761 0444 Fax: 020 8766 6151

    or download the application form as a Word document.
    Prize: A P U B L I C LONDON R E C I TA L A N D A P R I Z E O F ё 3 0 0 0
    F E R D I N A N D R A U T E R P R I Z E A prize of ё500 for the accompanist who, in the opinion of the jury, gives the best performance at the final audition. This award is given in memory of Ferdinand Rauter, founder of the Anglo-Austrian Music Society. S C H U B E R T S O C I E T Y P R I Z E The Schubert Society of Britain will offer a public recital in London on 16 November 2003 as part of their Schubertiade series to the singer who, in the opinion of the jury, gives the best performance of a Lied.

  • The Maggie Teyte Prize London, THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE COVENT GARDEN, Thursday 23rd January 2003
    Opera Lied
    in conjunction with The Miriam Licette Scholarship
    Felicity Guiness, Administrator
    20 Beaumont Street
    London W1G 6DG, England
    Telephone: +44-20-7589-8540
    E-mail: at The MAGGIE TEYTE PRIZE and the MIRIAM LICETTE SCHOLARSHIP are open to women singers under the age of 30. Candidates should either be in full time education or within the first year of entering their professional career.
    The Maggie Teyte Prize is ё2,000 together with a recital in association with the Friends of Covent Garden for the Royal Opera House and the Covent Garden Festival. The winner will also be awarded a Miriam Licette Scholarship of ё3,000 for advanced study and will be guaranteed an audition for the Musicians Company Concerts (Maisie Lewis Young Artists’ Fund) which are held at the Wigmore Hall.
    The Miriam Licette Scholarships are administered by the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund and more than one may be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicating panel. Auditions for both awards are held on the same day.
    Applicants must offer one classical aria with recitative by Gluck, Handel or Mozart and also submit a programme of three French Songs. Each competitor is responsible for providing her own accompanist.
    The MEGAN FOSTER PRIZE (ё1000) is awarded to an accompanist under the age of 30 taking part in the awards.
    Final date for applications: 29 November 2002. A registration fee of ё18 is payable by those accepted for audition. Applicants will be notified whether they have been chosen for audition approximately three weeks after the closing date for applications. Audition times for successful applicants will be advised at this time.
    The adjudicating committee reserves the right not to make an award. Application forms are available from the Music Colleges or directly from: Felicity Guinness, Administrator, 20 BEAUMONT STREET, LONDON W1G 6DG
    (Please enclose s.a.e.)
    Enquiries: tel. 020 7935 8810 fax. 07092 269247
    Download application form

  • Kristina Townsend Memorial Award Townsend Opera Players will be holding its 15th annual competition for the Kristina Townsend Memorial Award on Apr 27 beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Little Opera Hall at 611 H Street, Modesto, CA. Appl deadline is Apr 22. There is a non-refundable $10 appl fee. Open to any singer who is interested in opera, is between the ages of 15 and 22 and resides in the San Joaquin Valley or the Mother Lode area. There will be three cash awards in the amounts of $400 (20-22 years) $300 (18 & 19 years), and $200 (15-17 years). For further information and application call 209 523-6426.

  • International Singing Competition of the City of Toulouse — Toulouse Sep 16 — 21, 2002 (biennial) Opera Oratorio Lied
    SecrИtariat du Concours ThИБtre du Capitole F-31000 Toulouse, France
    Telephone: +33-5-61 62 13 51
    Fax:+33-5-61 62 96 90
    Application Deadline: Jul 8, 2002
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 1, 1970 but not later than Dec 31, 1984

  • International Vocal Competition of MikukАs Schneider-Trnavsky Trnava May 23 — 27, 2000
    Opera Oratorio Lied
    Secretariat, MestskЩ Зrad — spolocenskЩ Зsek TrhovА 3
    SK-91771 Trnava, Slovak Republic
    Telephone: +421-805-511215
    Fax: +421-805-511524
    Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2000
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Jan 1, 1968

  •  International Tchaikovsky Competition — in June-July, every 4 years (1998, 2002, 2006)


    Usually at Teatro Comunale di Treviso: was July 1-6, 1998

    Prize: performance in opera

    Deadline: June 8, 1998

    For 1999, they no longer have use of the Teatro Comunale, so they’re searching for a new venue — I recommend sending them a fax stating your interest — and they’ll send you an entry form as soon as they figure out what opera and WHERE and when they’re doing it.

    Teatro Comunale
    Via Diaz, 7
    31100 Treviso, ITALY
    TEL: (+39)-422-410130
    FAX: (+39) — 422 -52285

  • La Ciudad of Trujillo VI International Competition for Lyric Singing will be held in the city of Trujillo, Peru from Jul 8-16, ’02.
    The competition is open to singers of all nationalities, between the ages of 18-38. The prizes, equivalent in US Dollars are: 1st price $3,000, second prize $2,000 and third $1,000. All participants will be provided accommodations at no cost (room only). The application deadline is Jun 7, ’02. For appl/info contact: Maria Rujel Aleman, The Ciudad de Trujillo IV International Voice Competition, Fernando Montesinos 220, Urb. El Sol, Trujillo, Peru. Tel/fax 011 51 44 250-738

  •  Richard Tucker Study Grants/Award (Ask an opera professional you know to recommend you!) The Richard Tucker Music Foundation annually bestows unrestricted cash grants to American-born opera singers. Nominations for all potential candidates are solicited from a national panel of professionals in the field of opera. From those nominations sixty (60) singers who have been nominated for Richard Tucker Career Grants or Sara Tucker Study Grants are invited to audition in New York City during the month of April of the award year. For their audition, singers are asked to prepare five arias in at least three languages (one of which must be English) that indicate the range, maturity, variety and color of their voice. Traditionally each singer performs two arias — they choose the first aria and the judging panel chooses the second.

    Richard Tucker Career Grants
    Four Career Grant winners are selected each year for a cash prize of $7,500 each. The recipient of a Career Grant is a singer who has already amassed substantial experience at well-known opera companies, usually performing major roles. The ideal candidates for Career Grants should be those singers with the potential for a first-rate career, as the Career Grant has sometimes been followed by the renown Richard Tucker Award in later years. Singers who have received Career Grants and subsequently went on to win the Tucker Award include Renee Fleming, Richard Leech, Ruth Ann Swenson, Deborah Voigt, Margaret Jane Wray, Paul Groves, Stephanie Blythe, Gregory Turay, and our 2001 winner Christine Goerke.

    Sara Tucker Study Grants
    Sara Tucker Study Grants are awarded annually, each with a cash prize of $5,000. The recipient of a Study Grant is a singer who is at the start of their professional career, having just completed a conservatory or graduate school program, and the singer may still be at the apprentice level in a company. The ideal candidates for Study Grants have certainly had performing opportunities, but in smaller companies and usually not in major roles.

  • Teresa Tweed Scholarship Competition Capitol Opera Sacramento is accepting applications for its 9th annual Teresa Tweed Scholarship Competition, to be held on Sat, Apr 27, ’02, at 12:30pm, at COS, 6219 Ross Ave., Carmichael, CA. Total of $1,000 in cash awards to be divided among the receipients. One song/aria in English, and one song/aria in a foreign language. Fee $25. Contact Kathleen Torchia-Sizemore at 916/863-7683
    website: www.capopera.com
    Deadline Apr 1.

  • The Fund of U.S. Artists provides support for U.S. artists invited to participate in major international performing arts festivals and recurring visual arts exhibitions. Grants range from $1,000 to $15,000 and do not exceed $25,000. For info/appl contact, The Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions, Arts International, 251 Park Ave, South, 5th floor, New York NY 10010, tel: 212/674-9744, fax: 212/674-9092, e-mail: , website: www.artsinternational.org. Appls must be received (not postmarked) on or before Jan 16, May 2, Sep 5.

  • United States Information Agency Artistic Ambassadors

    Kathryn Wainscott
    301 Fourth St SW, Rm 568
    Washington, DC 20547
    Phone: (202)619-4779
    Fax: (202)619-6315
    Internet: www.usia.gov
    Restrictions: Age: 21 & older, US citizen
    Deadline: April 1
    Date of Last Competition: 6/1/97
    Fees: No Fee

  • Concours International de Chant de Verviers LiХge Sep 7 — 15, 2001
    OpИra Royale de Wallonie
    1 rue des Dominicains
    B-4000 LiХge, Belgium
    Fax: +32-4-221-0201
    Website: Click Here
    Application Deadline: Aug 15, 2001
    Age requirements:Men: Must be born on or after Sep 8, 1966 but not later than Sep 7, 1983 Women: Must be born on or after Sep 8, 1971 but not later than Sep 7, 1983

  • The 18th International Competition Valsesia-Musica
    2002 will be held Sep 1-5. Open to candidates of all nationalities born after Jan 1, ’67. 1st prize Euro 5,000 + 1 concert, 2nd prize Euro 2,500+ 1 concert, 3rd prize Euro 1,500. For info/appl write to Associazione Culturale Valsesia Musica, Corso Roma 35 — 13019 Varallo (VC) Italy
    website: www.valsesiamusica.com
    Deadline is Aug 16, 2002.

  • The International Music Competition G.B. Viotti Vercelli Oct 25 — Nov 3, 2001; Opera Segreteria del Concorso Viotti Via Monte di PietЮ 39 I-13100 Vercelli, Italy
    Telephone: +39-0161-252667
    Fax: +39-0161-255575

    Application Deadline: Oct 5, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Nov 4, 1965

  • Vianna Da Motta International Music Competition Next in 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal

    Sequeira Costa
    PO Box 4008
    Lawrence, KS 66046
    Phone: (913)832-0838
    Fax: (913)832-2643
    Restrictions: Age: 18-34
    First Prize: $50,000
    Deadline: December 1
    Date of Last Competition: 6/15/97
    Fees: $100

  • International Singing Competition Francisco ViЯas Barcelona From: January 07 2003 To: January 19 2003
    Website: www.francisco-vinas.com
    Address: SecrИtariat du Concours International de Chant Francisco ViЯas
    Bruc 125
    E-08037 Barcelona
    Telephone: (34-93) 457 86 46 / 215 42 27
    Fax: (34-93) 457 43 64
    Cash prizes: 10.450.000 pesetas (62.806 Euros)
    Other prizes: 2 engagements given by the «Gran Teatre del Liceu» (Barcelona)
    1 engagement given by the «Associacio d’Amics de l’Opera de Sabadell» (Spain)
    Possible engagements with the «Gran Teatre del Liceu» and with Teatro Nacional «San Carlos» (Lisbon)
    Other info: Free lodging from the second round and up to the end of the active participation in the competition
    Age limitations: Women: 18 to 32 years
    Men: 20 to 35 years
    Deadline: December 2002
    Next Competition: 2004

  •  Washington International Competition for Singers Bowie Mar 10 — 11, 2001 (triennial) Opera Oratorio Lied The Friday Morning Music Club Foundation, Inc. 6102 Gallery Street Bowie, MD 20720, USA
    Telephone: +1-301-464-4148
    E-mail: cwrmusic@erols.com
    Application Deadline: Jan 10, 2001
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Mar 11, 1969 but not later than Mar 10, 1983

  •  WIGMORE HALL International Song Competition 2003 With our fourth Wigmore Hall International Song Competition we continue our search for and support of outstanding young singers and pianists who have a particular interest in the rich song repertoire.
    The competition will take place between 14 — 20 September 2003 inclusive.
    Applications and recorded audition CDs must reach the Administrator by 24 April 2003.
    fro full details please contact: Virginia Harding, Administrator
    Wigmore Hall International Song Competition
    Room 616A Langham House
    308 Regent Street
    London W1B 3AT
    or e-mail
    Download the brochure here London — Sep 9 — 15, 2001
    Lied Pianists may not play from photocopies at this contest!
    Virginia Harding, Administrator
    Room 609 Langham House, 308 Regent Street
    London W1R 5AL, England
    Telephone: +44-20-7637-8515
    E-mail: Application Deadline: Apr 25, 2001 Age requirements: Must be born on or after Sep 16, 1969

  • Fondation des Etats-Unis Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship

    PURPOSE: Annual scholarship to support the study of visual, fine arts and music in Paris at the Fondation Des Etats-Unis while enrolled in a recognized French school or music conservatory.
    FIELD OF STUDY: Art and Music: painting, graphic design, print making, sculpture, instrumental or vocal music. Not for dance, theater, or research in art history, musicology or composition.
    ELIGIBILITY: U.S. citizens 21-29 years old with evidence of artistic or musical accomplishment, good moral character, personality, adaptability, physical health and emotional stability. A serious project for graduate study in Paris must be approved by the Fondation director; should include enrollment in a recognized school or private instruction. Applicants need to contact potential teachers or schools in advance.
    AWARD: Stipend of $8,500 payable in French francs for the academic year October 1st — June 30th. No support for spouses, partners or dependents.
    DEADLINE: January 31
    APPLICATION: The Director/ Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship/ Fondation des Etats-Unis/ 15, Boulevard Jourdan/ 75690 PARIS CEDEX 14, FRANCE
    15 Blvd. Jourdan
    F-75690 Paris Cedex 14
    Application Form

  • World Music Masters:

    Monte Carlo Piano Masters
    Monte Carlo Voice Masters
    Jean-Marie Fournier
    45 Rue La Boetie F-75008 Paris

  •  Young Concert Artists International

    Susan Wadsworth
    250 W 57 St, Suite 1222
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone: (212)307-6655
    Fax: 2125818894
    Restrictions: Write to YCA for requirements
    Award: Recital in NY & DC
    Deadline: October 17
    Date of Last Competition: 11/10/97
    Fees: $35

  •  Loren L. Zachary Society for the Performing Arts National Vocal Competition for Young Opera Singers
    Fee: $35.00
    Type: Voice, Operatic
    Prize: $10,000 or round-trip flight to Europe for audition purposes;
    Other prizes are given out as well.
    Eligibility: Applicants may not have a long-term contract in a European opera house
    L. Zachary Competition
    The Loren L. Zachary Society for the Performing Arts 31st Annual National Vocal Competition for Young Opera Singers 2003 Regional Auditions are held in March in New York and in Los Angeles in April. In Los Angeles the preliminary auditions are held April 8-10 and the semi-finals on April 11, 2003. Grand finals concert and award presentation is in Los Angeles on June 1. Each finalist will receive a minimum award of $1000. The top award is $10,000. Female applicants must be ages 21-33, male applicants 21-35. Singers must be prepared to pursure a professional operatic stage career, be present for all phases of the competition, and reside in the US, Mexico, or Canada. Tapes are NOT acceptable. Applications for auditions must be postmarked by the deadline date. The Los Angeles postmark deadline is March 15, 2003. To request an application, send a self-addressed stamped business (no. 10) envelope to:
    The Loren L. Zachary Society National Vocal Competition
    2250 Gloaming Way
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210-1717
    No fax requests or applications will be accepted. Some previous winners of this contest include Thomas Hampson, Ruth Ann Swenson, Aprile Milo, John Hancock and Deborah Voigt.

  • International Hilde Zadek Vocal Competition Passau Apr 24 — 29, 2000
    Opera Lied
    Gesellschaft zur FЖrderung junger begabter SДngerInnen und PianistInnen e.V.
    Freudenhain 2
    D-94034 Passau, Germany
    Telephone: +49-8721-12148
    Application Deadline: Mar 20, 2000
    Works by Wagner, Verdi and Strauss
    Age requirements: Must be born on or after Dec 16, 1967

  •  RICCARDO ZANDONAI Competition

    — — Artistic Director, Mietta Sighele


    Comune di Rovereto
    Accessorato alla Cultura
    Via Canestrini 1
    38068 Rovereto (TN) ITALY

    TEL: (+39)-464-452159/198 — — FAX: (+39)-464-436127

    municipality offers free b & b at the youth hostel in Rovereto

    1st prize — Lit. 12.000.000 (roughly $7500)
    2nd — Lit. 7.000.000 (roughly $4500)
    3rd — Lit. 4.000.000 (roughly 2500)
    Zandonai prize — 3.000.000 (roughly $1850) (for best interpretation of Zandonai song)
    Mietta Sighele prize — 2.000.000 ($1250) — not cumulative prize — to young promising singer «musica riva festival» prize — to 1st place winner — paid concert in Musica Riva Festival 1999.
    5 special prizes of Lit. 1.670.000 ($980) for specialization course at «Musica Riva Festival» July 19th — Aug. 1, 1998.
    Critic’s prize (l’Opera and Orpheus magazines) — 3.000.000 ($1850) Special prize — paid concert with «Symphony Orchestra of Carinthia-KSO»
    Special Prize — a paid part in an opera production at Venice’s «La Fenice Theatre» 1998-9
    Special prize — a paid part in an opera production at Opera of Rome 1998-9
    Special prize, province of Trento — concert with Philarmonia Orchestra of Rome

LOTS MORE TO COME — — If you can’t wait for others or above addresses, look in the back of MUSICAL AMERICA at your music library, and fax off for competition applications and rules!!!!

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