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Laura Claycomb Putting the color into coloratura


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Donna Anna — Don Giovanni

29 апреля, 2018 @ 7:30 пп CDT

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Баритон Мариуш Kwiecień исполнит главную роль в Дон Жуан, с Лорой Клейкомб, которая поет свою первую Донну Анну.

Остальная часть броска включает в себя Дэвида Портильо как Дон Оттавио, Элли Дена как Донна Эльвира, Кайл Ketelsen как Лепорелло, Виржини Verrez как Церлиной, Крэйг Verm как Мазетто и Моррис Робинсон как Commendatore. В производстве от Опере Чикаго, оркестр дирижер Эммануэль Villaume.

Абонементы, $ 95 до хх, в продаже 3 апреля; отдельные билеты, по цене $ 19 хх, в продажу в июле. Для получения дополнительной информации, звоните 214-443-1000 или перейти к


29 апреля, 2018
7:30 пп CDT


Dallas Opera
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Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora Street
Dallas, TX 75201 United States
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+1 214-880-0202
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  • I had the great pleasure to hear you sing Straus's Brentano Leider with the San Francisco Symphony. I think it was 2015.

  • Hi, Laura, Roger Roe`s uncle here. I am planning to see you at Southwestern, but since I live an hour away, cannot sta

  • How sweet that you are coming!! We already have the program made, and I don't normally put arias on an art song recital

  • Laura, We are really looking forward to hearing you again at Southwestern U. We attended an SMU Music School concert qui



@LiamBonner @Change What a brilliant idea! It would force it to become a part of curricula, especially in predominantly white prep schools, etc! We need to know this history...

Young Artists’ Corner


My popular advice for young singers: The very first masterclass I gave, I jotted down a few ideas of things I wish I had known when I was just out of college; that advice has ballooned into this Young Artists Corner throughout my career. A book is forthcoming from this information, but in the meanwhile, there is plenty to read  » Young Artists Corner

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