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Laura Claycomb Putting the color into coloratura


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Июль 2022

КОСИ 2022 — с 10 по 19 июля

10 июля - 19 июля

(English) An extraordinary line-up that includes Laura Claycomb, Nathalie Doucet, Stuart Barker, Claire de Sévigné, and many others! A single Registration Fee will cover our 10 days of sessions, with additional options available for purchase. will be welcoming you soon!

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Август 2022

(English) Italian TSP Summer Program in Novafeltria, Italy

13 августа - 26 августа
Novafeltria, Italy, Novafeltria, Italy

(English) Come join master coach Ubaldo Fabri; master teacher, soprano Laura Claycomb and director Shintaro Kobayashi for a two-week intensive of Italian language, pronunciation and music in Novafeltria, Italy.

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