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There are many ways to find out about music festivals in the United States and abroad.  Again, this page is out of date, so please check out or  for updated information on Festivals.


Outside of the library
  1. Ask your teachers and coaches about festivals and programs they recommend. Many teachers receive promotional material about festivals in the mail and would be happy to share these materials with you.
  2. Watch bulletin boards. Some festivals and summer programs don’t advertise in journals and aren’t listed in reference books because they are too new, small, etc. However, many of these programs mail out promotional materials to schools and faculty. Frequently these are posted for student use.
Sources in the Music Library

WARNING: Some of these directories are not very up-to date. Addresses, phone numbers, and some of the festivals themselves may have changed or gone out of business. They are listed in reverse chronological order:

British Music Yearbook . Ref. ML21.M94.
Lists festivals from the United Kingdom as well as worldwide (including the USA and Canada); also jazz festivals.

The Music Lover’s Guide to Europe: A Compendium of Festivals, Concerts, and Opera . 1992. Ref. ML12.M87 1992.

Musical America’s Festivals . ML1.M874. Library has 1988-1991.

Book of British Music Festivals . Ref. ML37.G7 A3A. Published in 1986.

Music Lover’s Europe: A Guidebook and Companion . ML240.B43. Published in 1983.

Music Festivals in America . Ref. ML35.R2 1983. Published in 1983.

Music Festivals in Europe, including the United States, Canada, and Israel: An Annotated Directory . ML12.M9. Published 1980.

International Guide to Music Festivals . Ref. ML35.S83. Published 1980.

Music Festivals in Europe and Britain . ML35.R23. Published 1980.

Europäische Musik-Festspiele . ML35.E86. Published 1977 (in German).

Festivals de musique européens . ML35.F43. Published 1976 (in French).


In addition to Musical America’s Festivals and the British Music Yearbook , many periodicals have listings and/or advertisements for various festivals, summer programs, and summer camps. Check periodicals in your field of interest. Many summer festivals begin their listing or advertisements the February preceding the festival.

Most information taken from the Indiana University Music Library Site

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