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Laura Claycomb Putting the color into coloratura

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    • Hi Laura Hello from Singapore! Big fan of your technique videos and performances on Youtube. Been a singer for about

    • Hello Ms Claycomb, hope everything is well with you. i am Tata, live in Boston and study vocal. I found your v

    • Hi Laura, It has been great to find this. I have admired you since our days in NATS (I was in OK at OCU). I don't know i

    • Many thanks for thinking of me!! :-)

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    @latimes @mtilsonthomas I am so happy MTT is still out there making the music that touches us all and gives him a charge!

    Young Artists’ Corner

    My popular advice for young singers: The very first masterclass I gave, I jotted down a few ideas of things I wish I had known when I was just out of college; that advice has ballooned into this Young Artists Corner throughout my career. A book is forthcoming from this information, but in the meanwhile, there is plenty to read

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