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Laura Claycomb Putting the color into coloratura


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Carmina Burana (Houston Symphony)

mars 31, 2019 @ 2:00 CDT

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Yaniv Dinur


D’ALBERT Cello Concerto
ORFF Carmina Burana

Brinton Averil Smith

Houston Symphony Chorus
Betsy Cook Weber, director

Laura Claycomb

Reginald Smith, Jr.

Fort Bend Boys Choir
William R. Adams, founder and artistic director


Date :
mars 31, 2019
Heure :
2:00 CDT
Site :


Houston Symphony
Téléphone :
Site :


Jones Hall
615 Louisiana St., Suite 102
Houston, TX 77002 United States
+ Google Map
Téléphone :
Site :
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  • Hi Laura, It has been great to find this. I have admired you since our days in NATS (I was in OK at OCU). I don't know i

  • Many thanks for thinking of me!! :-)

  • Happy Birthday for 23 August, 2020!

  • I had the great pleasure to hear you sing Straus's Brentano Leider with the San Francisco Symphony. I think it was 2015.

  • + Signer le Livre d’or


@KathleenSoprano Wow, and also considering that many people with Down's live shorter lives than average (and tend to have Alzheimer's in their 50's), it is even more cruel to "make them wait their turn."

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Mes conseils pour les jeunes chanteurs. Pour mon premier masterclass, j’ai fait une liste des choses que j’ai appris pendant la carrière que j’aurais voulu d’avoir su quand j’avais fini mes études. Les conseils sont multipliées avec les années; à bientôt verra le livre, mais pour maintenant, lisez ici

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