Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English en Deutsch.

“A more convincing advocate of Bellini’s Rome Opera as Laura Claycomb is currently difficult to find. The native Texan sings the role of Giulietta to the world’s best performers  for many years, with an exquisite piano.  Her flexible lyric soprano soars even at dizzying heights to disembodied beauty of sound on a gauzy piano that is held as if on silvery threads and is still satisfied in extreme situations of a vocal luminous flux which carries the notes effortlessly through all finesses of singing talents. Already her first bravura aria and the following supported Cabaletta in charming harmony with horn and harp inspired by consummate Bellini style, and the poignant Poison scene demonstrated alongside the virtuosic delicacy sang a seamless line in an agitated emotionality.

The love duet of the unhappy pair combines her (Vivica’s) emotionally charged Mezzo with the girlish soprano of Laura Claycomb into an almost unearthly harmony that transcends and helped necessarily the unbecoming scene direction in Karlsruhe. And anyone whose heart did  not open from the stunningly sung, also very nicely staged death scene, probably has none.”