Can I just vent a second about some things that always perturb me when I’m traveling?

Why do people with soupy coughs even leave home? Why not stay home until you’re really well (and no longer contagious?) Why can’t airline companies just let you change your ticket with a doctor’s note, so people don’t fly sick all the time and pass it around?

In what corner of the world is it NOT standard for the people with the soupy cough to cover their mouth when they are projectile coughing? I am wondering how it is possible to have missed that small hint of hygiene throughout your entire life. Did you just get your entire household sick every time you got a cold, as a child? Nobody explained about germs to you and that the cough is passing those on? And that when we’re all squashed in a tin can together, you are most likely infecting all of us with your hack into the air?

Why do people get on the «moving sidewalk» that has the instructions «Stand RIGHT» written before you get on to it, and then block the entire pathway for those of us in a hurry, so that they can stand next to their friend and leisurely gab, two people across? (or better yet, park their luggage so that they’re blocking everything?) And then act like I am hugely inconveniencing them by saying «excuse me, can I get past…» Otherwise, the moving sidewalk is only there because you can’t be bothered to move your feet, not because it may help you get to your destination a bit quicker. Some even have signs that say «Stand right, walk left» and people STILL stand on the left or stand two across! WHY???

I know you’re excited to get there. But has nobody told you that ALL planes actually land and that it’s a standard part of air travel? It’s not a miracle, it’s what is expected to happen. It is not necessary to clap.