This article originally appeared in Issue 39:4 (Mar/Apr 2016) of Fanfare Magazine. After an in-depth interview with Laura Claycomb (found in full on Fanfare’s site for subscribers:, Colin Clark weighs in on his critique of the album:

“I keep wanting to use the word “delicious” to describe this disc. Perhaps it is the intrinsic, pure beauty of Claycomb’s soprano; perhaps it is the guitar in its lovely, delicate guise that accompanies so many of the items. As one can see from the interview above, much thought has gone into this program. The playing order works brilliantly, leading the listener through a forest of beauty, following some well-trodden paths, going decidedly off-piste at others.

The more perfumed En sourdine appears in a miraculous account, the music lingering in the air at the close.

Claycomb and Teicholz capture the breathless heart of “Seguidilla murciana” superbly, while Teicholz’s guitar spins a web of magic at the opening of “Asturiana,” over which Claycomb demonstrates remarkable breath control to spin a line of pure vocal silver herself….”

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