Concert review: Claycomb’s artistry defeated by acoustics

“She and Weber had put together an enterprising program of 20th-century art songs, few of which would have been known even to connoisseurs. Both brought total commitment and great artistry to their performances.

Even amid the complex harmonies and tricky rhythms of Olivier Messiaen’s Chant de terre et de ciel, Claycomb landed notes with uncanny accuracy. She pinpointed pitches in the atmosphere and tossed off the flickers and flutters of Strauss’ “Amor,” from the Op. 68 Brentano Songs, with apparently effortless virtuosity.

She captured the mischievous piquancies of Poulenc’s Fiançailles pour rire, the alternately atmospheric and turbulent moods of Three Poems by Joaquín Turina. She afforded a welcome hearing for four of Hindemith’s disarming Marienleben songs. Every phrase was lovingly shaped and characterized. Weber was no less personable and authoritative a partner.”

Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

Classical Music Critic

Published: 07 October 2012 11:32 PM