Copenhagen 2012 September

I sang Carmina Burana with Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Nick Phan and Hugh Russell in Copenhangen in September 2012.  The concerts went beautifully (and were broadcast on the radio) – the Radio Orchestra has an incredible new, modern building where they do very interesting projects.

My husband came out to see the town with me over the weekend.  Even though the weather was a bit chilly, we loved the city.

My favorite site in town was Tivoli,the amusement park in the middle of downtown.  It was absolute old-style charm – we spent the late afternoon and evening after my last concert there, and wished we’d had an entire day to explore.  Fun!  At night it was magic!

We checked out some of the beautiful architecture and just played tourists, in search of those “free” bikes (not to be found until the end of the day!) Check out the Ninja made out of Leggo’s!At the end of our trip, we saw a peculiar game for kids – to be put in a bubble in some water – looked quite fun!