As the only thing that truly means VACATION for our family is BEACH, we headed off to San Diego’s Coronado Island! However, the weather did not cooperate, and it was cold and grey the whole time we were there!! So, we took advantage of the bad weather and headed off to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. In the middle, we celebrated my birthday in style at a beautiful French restaurant on Coronado.
Here I am at the del Coronado Hotel, being “crowned’ by the chandeliers in the main dining hall.

Mom and my sister, with their hands in a plaster of the head gorilla’s hand at the Zoo.
Beautiful Eclectus parrot at the zoo.
Beautiful male orangutan at the zoo.  I love his fat face and his big beard.  Their faces were so expressive, we could’ve stayed there all day to watch them.
Here is a simply gorgeous bird at the zoo!  You don’t get an idea of how BIG this bird is, but she was about the size of a large CHICKEN.
Here is another family’s portrait at the gorilla section of the zoo.  They were amazing.
Baby hippo – – tooo cute!
No, it’s not a zebra, it’s not a kangaroo, it’s an OKAPI!
With Dad, the Italian contingency and I went to see the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.  My husband was in hog heaven!  He and his sister even took a ride in a flight simulator.  Dad was a great sport and did all the stairs up and down to see the “innards” of the ship, as well.  Fascinating.
Here we are at a beautiful restaurant on Coronado Island with family!  What a beautiful birthday!!
At Sea World, I watched everything, agog like a little girl, while my husband laughed at my glee.  But you have to admit, the sea creatures are pretty amazing!
Sea Otter and Seals show…
The turtle exhibit was simply beautiful – these animals are really wondrous.
Probably one of the most touching of the animals at Sea World was the beluga whale.  They were so peaceful and mysterious.
The walrus was ENORMOUS and was eating some kind of squid-like thing right up against the glass.  Amazing is the only word I can come up with..