Finally, the two female polar opposites – flighty, sexy Zerbinetta and pure, chaste, faithful Ariadne. As Zerbinetta, Laura Claycomb looked the part, in spades, and had the physique du role, even though some may question the sexual gyrations and provocative posing that she was asked to do in order to beef up her coloratura in Grossmaechtige Prinzessin. Her soprano is nicely weighted and secure and she has all the top notes, my only slight disappointment being that her articulation in that riotous ten minutes of Act Two, when Zerbinetta commands the stage and the entire audience, was not quite razor sharp. Nevertheless, she deserved an ovation and would have received one, had the director not decided to move the action on briskly and immediately – so the clapping was hushed. But Claycomb moved naturally and well onstage and commanded attention.

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Mike Reynolds, Musical Criticism