MS_BNO_Gull-0972_midSoprano Laura Claycomb sparkles in the role of Queen of Sjemakha. When she arrives, she lifts the whole opera a couple of notches, and from there it goes well really only upwards. Her vocal performances is in a class by itself. The highest notes she sings without visible effort, sometimes in a somewhat well retained pianissimo, but her sound works superbly with the orchestra.

Claycomb’s stage presence is great, she is also an accomplished actor who brings out the nuances of the material. She is one of those opera singers who can phrase every stanza with the right weight and lightness of each other, she has an energy that the other singers do not come near this evening, despite their great effort. It seems that Andrew Shore in the role of Tsar Dodon get far more play from the second act onwards and especially in scenes with Claycomb.

Translated by Google from the original Norwegian –

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