I am very excited to share some of the sheet music for the beautiful songs I recorded years ago with Opera Rara for the album La Partenza.  They are no longer in copyright by the original publisher, and Opera Rara has graciously passed along their cleaned up versions of these lovely songs to me, in the hopes that we can together encourage more people to sing these songs and know about these composers.

The first song, All’amante lontano,” in F, is by Poniatowski, an illegitimate son of a Polish prince who formed an opera company of sorts, and toured, some with his own music and some with others in Italy in the mid-1800’s.  This is a real melodrama in song, with a far-away (dead) lover, who, in desperation, the speaker hopes is looking down from above, remembering her/him. There are a few versions in different keys here – check them out!

Version in G

Version in G flat

Version in F#

The second song, La Farfalletta,” by Melisio Morales, a Mexican composer of the bel canto period, describes the flitting butterfly, who gets too close to the fire and burns!  This is the original version, which finishes on a high D.  Enjoy!