Come study in Italy with me! I’m doing an intensive opera training program August 14-28 in Novafeltria, Italy – called TSP. If you have students or even are an educator who would like to bring an Italian experience back to your students, it’d be a lovely opportunity to come join us! There is no age limit, and we would love Asian students, more than anything, as this was the late Mika Shigematsu’s brainchild we are trying to keep going. But this year, it is open to all nationalities, so we can bring an even more wide cultural exchange to Italy. 🙂 We’ll do three concerts: one of arias/songs in Mika’s honor in San Marino, a sacred concert in a cloister and our staged scenes Grand Finale at the Teatro Sociale di Novafeltria. Ubaldo Fabbri is our master coach, specializing in Italian diction, and you’ll have intensive Italian lessons with Ilaria Ciccioni, as well.  And of course, I will be teaching voice and giving masterclasses!