Vocalise, Op. 34 #14 – Sergie Rachmaninoff

Letters from Composers (1968) – Dominick Argento
Frederic Chopin to a friend
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to his father
Franz Schubert to a friend
Johann Sebastian Bach to the Town Council
Claude Debussy to a friend
Giacomo Puccini to a friend
Robert Schumann to his fiancée

Four French Folk Songs – Mátyás Seiber
J’ai descendu
Le Rossignol
Marguerite, elle est malade


Tono humano solo – Juan de Lima Cerqueira (c.1655-c.1755)

Anon. in Love (1960) – William Walton
Fain would I change that note
O Stay, Sweet Love
Lady, When I behold the Roses
I gave her Cakes and I gave her Ale
To Couple is a Custom

Siete Canciones Populares Españoles – Manuel de Falla
El paño moruno
Seguidilla murciana